We understand the need for prospecting the right clientele for your business. Clientele which will fit the requirements that you are looking for but cannot get a hold of them. Techniques such as cold messaging, cold calling and using bots to send your pitch are old school lead generation methods which do not necessarily guarantee optimal results.

Our team at Virtualead always uses modern technologies and methods to maximize your results, we knew that Video marketing will skyrocket in 2021.Hence, we at Virtualead got our heads together to create a use modern methods such as sending personalised videos to the targeted clients making sure they see your presence (but in an innovative way). Our Virtual Assistants go through an extensive training program to make sure they are ready to get you the results you are seeking.

We are different. We are modern. We will get you results. Want your Sales Pitch to be heard? Hire Virtualead!


SAVES YOUR TIME  Since working from home has become the new Normal after the Covid-19 pandemic took   over, Managing everything from home can get a little too much for one person. Most companies are now permanently resorting to working remotely.

At Virtualead, our Virtual Assistants are trained to work in this situation responsibly at your beck and call so you can share the load.

They will be efficient. They will be responsible. They will share your workload.

VALUE FOR MONEY Hiring a Virtual Assistant is cost-effective. You may ask how?

No need to provide office space. No overhead charges. No need to provide Tech equipment.

STAY ORGANISED: At Virtualead, our Virtual Assistant will swoop in and collect all the scattered pieces in your business model, put them back into place by staying organized. Virtualead trains our assistant in a way that they are on top of all the duties you entrust in them.


Lead Generation

Target Market Analysis

Social Media Management


Research & Reports

Email Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Customer Service

Business Management


One Time Contract

  • Our basic one time marketing plan includes video based lead generation, audience targeting, customer service and social media handling that will be done through the following channels:
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook

2 Months Contract

  • Our professional two months marketing plan includes video based lead generation, audience targeting, customer service and social media handling that will be done through the following channels:
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

3 Months Contract

  • Our premium three months marketing plan includes video based lead generation, audience targeting, customer service and social media handling that will be done through the following channels:
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Email Marketing


Sending your sale pitch through a video can increase your success rate upto 50% Leading in high engagement value which results in better conversion rates

Video messages grab the attention of the viewers as its speculated that 75% of all mobile data traffic will stem from videos in 2021 so it is the new trend but unfortunately, not many brands are aware about Video Lead Generation.

Lead generation done through Cold messaging lacks the most important thing which is personalization. Sending a video pitch develops a human element connection between the sender and the viewer which you can leverage to turn that potential customer into a permanent client.

Nowadays, People don’t like reading as much as they like listening to an audio. So instead of sending a long message which will surely be ignored because cold messaging doesn’t work anymore, we send a video that prompts the potential leads to open the video and actually listen to your pitch.


We book meetings for you with your ideal clients. Our Appointment Setters will use their own Linkedin and Instagram profiles to get in touch with your potential clients and book meetings with them. They will like, share and comment on their posts and then send an introductory loom video to your clients. If the prospect agrees to a meeting, they will book it straight into your diary (you will still have to close them). Effectively, you can outsource your prospecting to us.­­

The average VA will be booking 5 to 9 appointments per month depending on the niche you are working in.

They are fully trained appointment setters and they are already trained how to book meetings. There will be a minimal bedding in period when they start with you. They have the confidence and the required communication skills to identify, target and pitch to your targeted client base.

No, we specialise in outreach on Social Media and email marketing.

We work in English speaking countries.

Yes absolutely, these VAs will be working exclusively for you so you can customize as much as you like.




Everything has gone digital and the world is expected to become even more digitalized as we start 2021, therefore, the need of getting work done virtually has become a need. With this idea in mind, Virtualead was born with the goal to serve your digital needs virtually around the globe. We aim to provide the best Virtual Assistant services in Canada, Ireland and worldwide that will help you manage your business, conserve your time, save your money and deliver the finest results. We have a global presence in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

It is essential that you invest in prospecting and lead generation to grow your business and that is exactly what our VAs are trained to do for you.

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